Juice [noun]

Definition of Juice:

liquid squeezed from fruit, plant

Synonyms of Juice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Juice:


Sentence/Example of Juice:

Add a little mint and lime juice, and it’s straight-up ecstasy in a bowl.

The Sense promises up to six days of juice before it needs to spend some time on the charger.

While web users are redirected to your website, the domain that offers you the link simultaneously informs Google to not send any “link juice” your way.

If search engines do not seem to regard your brand as an expert in a specific region, your local SEO juice is not so strong.

Follow links do carry link juice, but you can still gain valuable organic referral traffic to generate leads without those follow links.

Its benefits include delivering link juice to other pages, showing Google the relevancy of posts to one another, making it easy for Google bots to crawl and index your pages and of course, keeping humans on your site longer.

Rather than looking at the thing that’ll give him a gulp of juice—the reward—he’s now looking away from that reward.

When your device’s battery is reading 5 percent, it’s not almost entirely out of juice.

An old weather-beaten bear-hunter stepped forward, squirting out his tobacco juice with all imaginable deliberation.

The acid is extracted from the juice of the citron, the lime, and the lemon, fruits grown in Sicily and the West Indies.