Alcohol [noun]

Definition of Alcohol:

intoxicating, flammable liquid

Synonyms of Alcohol:

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Sentence/Example of Alcohol:

In Davidson County, bars that derive a majority of their revenue from alcohol sales also closed, and will not reopen for at at least two weeks.

It’s dangerous to add scents with food flavors to hand sanitizers which children could think smells like food, eat and get alcohol poisoning.

He noted that California reported a spike in reports of alcohol delivery to minors in April.

The Culture Trip reoriented its advertising strategy around streaming services, alcohol and groceries, vp of global sales Kate Glover said.

In 2018, US venture capital investment in cannabis companies topped $900 million, and the combined value of roughly 200 merger and acquisition deals was more than $15 billion—more than a third of which came from tobacco and alcohol companies.

Certain medications, illegal drugs and alcohol can produce gynecomastia as well.

Though Arabic is the official language of both Morocco and Saudi Arabia, references to alcohol would only be permissible when targeting the former as drinking is forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

The Resisting are particularly likely to have argued with their family or housemates, and both drank more alcohol than they normally would or used non-prescription drugs.

Fermentation makes acids, alcohols, gases and other chemicals.

Now what they implicitly did was to subsidize the growth of an addictive substance as opposed to tax it, which is what we’re doing for alcohol and cigarettes and other addictive substances.