Palliative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Palliative:

During his sickness he sought a palliative for his pains—in the Bible.

Insanity may perhaps be the only palliative left to Nature in this extremity.

For him there was a palliative, or even a gloomy but an unanswerable excuse.

As far as Cæsar is concerned, it is palliative rather than condemnatory.

Emigration on the largest scale has proved a palliative, but no remedy.

There is no excuse,no palliative for such cruel and abominable ingratitude.

But at the end of a few moments this palliative, like the first, had exhausted its effect.

Where the water is bad, some corrective or palliative will be had.

However I had a visit from Bob as a palliative which supported me under the rest.

The operation is useful as a diagnostic or palliative measure.