Alleviating [verb]

Definition of Alleviating:

relieve; lessen

Synonyms of Alleviating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleviating:

Sentence/Example of Alleviating:

This will reduce deaths and alleviate stress on health care systems.

They say that peeling potatoes and kneading dough lets the mind wander and alleviates stress.

Zeta Smith, a longtime Starbucks executive who is now the CEO of the seniors unit at catering giant Sodexo, likewise noted that technology plays a key role in alleviating loneliness for those living in care facilities.

The move is aimed at alleviating strain on hospital staff who are being overwhelmed by the influx of patients.

It’s hard to say how storage management will look later in the console’s life cycle, but just like the previous generation, the frustration is somewhat alleviated with external hard drive support.

That means outside of social media—which can aggravate alienation as much as alleviate it—millennials depend on employers as their main formal connection to society.

Introducing more sales days is unlikely to alleviate that burden.

Sometimes decisions to alleviate the effects of regulations are even announced almost through a wink and a nod in private communications to businesses that benefit from unrules.

For his part, Wieder said that once the election results become clear, it still won’t alleviate the the biggest issue Lalo, and other DTC startups faces this holiday.

In fact, at least 22 percent of publishers surveyed are already considering using print automation technology, alleviating time-intensive print manufacturing workflows for newsrooms.