Drink [noun]

Definition of Drink:

beverage; alcoholic beverage

Synonyms of Drink:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drink:


Sentence/Example of Drink:

Pack it with snacks, drinks, chairs, and blankets and move from one spot to the next until you find the perfect fishing hole.

On what was going to be probably our third round, my girlfriend went into the bar, fully masked, to ask Terry for drinks.

People would buy sodas to go with lunches they got from the food court, or energy drinks before a Browns or Cavaliers game.

Getting in at least one daily work out is great, but you should still get up and move around regularly throughout the day — even if it’s just to get a drink of water or play with a pet.

So while I have to reach for a drink on this belt, it’s never a problem as the bottle is angled up and easy to find.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving worries that permanent carryout cocktails will lead to an increase in drunken driving unless laws make clear that the drinks can’t be consumed until the buyer is in a safe location.

Sorse figured out a way to emulsify hemp oil to the point that it maintains integrity for the life of the drink.

It often welcomes guest DJs, and it an excellent spot for dancing, drinks, and socializing.

One example of that is its new global ad campaign, “Together Tastes Better,” demonstrating how its drinks can be paired with meals.

Now, two months after the drinks first hit the market, the campaign has been “shifted to above ground kiosks” in New York City — nearby to where people are currently congregating, she said.