Gulp [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gulp:

Baikal seals may be using these teeth to efficiently sieve their plankton prize from the lake, expelling excess water with every gulp, the researchers say.

He devoured it whole with a kind of visual gulp—a flash; the entire meaning first, then lines, then separate words.

"Five minutes to twelve, baby," said the old man, and his voice had a gulp in it that broke June down.

He made the speech with a gulp, as though it were distasteful to him.

He got the question out with a separate gulp for each separate word.

"They are all round us in the scrub; you never know where they are," Eustace said with a gulp.

He picked up the bottle, still containing a little rum, and poured a gulp of liquor down his throat.

When I brought it back, he drunk a half of it at one gulp, and I started to knock him down.

The spoon was carried well to the back of the throat, so that the man took the acid at a gulp.

Monstrous throats gasp for a draught of white-hot metal and take it at a gulp.