Nibble [noun]

Definition of Nibble:

morsel, bite

Synonyms of Nibble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nibble:



Sentence/Example of Nibble:

He had only meant to nibble, and here he was, fairly hooked.

Her relative continued to nibble nervously at a bit of toast.

But we have lost our hats, Nibble, and they were our best ones.

Granted that Arlt, whoever he is, gets second nibble, who comes in ahead?

On two different occasions, feeling a nibble on his line, he jerked, all to no avail.

I had to nibble at a bit of chocolate I carried to get the taste of it out of my mouth.

And you really guard that can and parcel for hours, and resist the temptation to nibble?

Her emotions were not starved, but they were kept down and only allowed to nibble.

Felicia blinked back the tears and began to nibble her breakfast.

The goats flocked to nibble the salt that she had brought for them.