Choke [verb]

Definition of Choke:

smother, block

Synonyms of Choke:

Opposite/Antonyms of Choke:

Sentence/Example of Choke:

In practice, this left the states fighting for a limited number of supplies for tests while no one did anywhere near enough to fix the choke points along the supply chain that led to shortages in the first place.

So the choke point here is that a company has to apply for an EUA.

It's good for nothing but to choke a man and fill him full of smoke and embers.

He felt that to eat would choke him, but forced himself to take a sip of coffee and a bit of corn bread.

There was another choke in her voice as she smoothed Judy's old brown dress, and brushed a bit of bran from her face.

The spoondrift began to fly so that you could not see the moon, and the wind was enough to choke you if you faced it.

Hester fiercely bit her lip and gulped down the tears that threatened to choke her.

Coffee Jack, shovel in hand, kept the larger stones moving when they threatened to choke up the boxes.

I'm on'y thinkin' o' the clane air at home—if I could have a mornin' o' fresh sunshine—these fogs an' smoke choke me so.

How can this moral choke-damp, with all its fatal incrustations, fail to eat away the supports and very framework of the dwelling.