Kill [verb]

Definition of Kill:

deprive of existence; destroy

Opposite/Antonyms of Kill:

Sentence/Example of Kill:

Warren first began thinking about how brands and gamers overlap in 2011, when he started a gaming-focused media company called Kill Screen.

As the coronavirus continues to infect millions and kill hundreds of thousands in the United States, returning kids to their scholastic normalcy is proving to be a halting, difficult process.

It also stops mice from squeaking, mostly because a good shot of it will kill a mouse.

Republicans have pushed back heavily against the $15 minimum-wage proposal, saying it would kill jobs and hurt small businesses.

Specifically because this was where, in 1954, Pedro Rodrigues Filho, later called “Killer Petey,” was born with a bruised skull, thanks to all the times his father tried to kill his mother while she was pregnant with him.

Between the high R0 and the devastating mortality rate, it was not uncommon for an outbreak of smallpox in an area without preexisting immunity to kill 30 percent of everyone in the community.

He knew he had the power to kill the site outright as the owner of the Web domain but also felt he was part of a group project that no one person should unilaterally end, Williams said.

He added that his song “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies” was inspired by his daily fantasy of “smashing in her skull with a sledgehammer.”

We aren’t losing nearly as many children to the things that used to kill two- and three- and eight-year-olds, like diphtheria, sepsis, scarlet fever or polio.

Thanos manages to kill Vision, rip the Mind Stone from his head and snap his fingers.