Suffocate [verb]

Definition of Suffocate:


Synonyms of Suffocate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffocate:


Let go


Sentence/Example of Suffocate:

His heart was pounding until he believed that he must suffocate.

Marguerite's horror mounted until it threatened to suffocate her.

He began to suffocate with chagrin, and hurried his steps in sheer distress.

I pant for a plantation which shall shelter and not suffocate.

Certainly this sand is going to try its best to suffocate us.

As it was, ere he had time to suffocate, MacPherson was on the spot.

They are not good bedroom blossoms—they might suffocate one in his sleep.

"The smoke will suffocate us; we could not stay in doors with it," said Whirlwind.

This latter time was when to speak made him cough and suffocate.

His little daughter began to hop and suffocate with laughter.