Strangle [verb]

Definition of Strangle:

choke, stifle

Synonyms of Strangle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strangle:

Sentence/Example of Strangle:

Can he compass his spirit with meekness, and strangle a natural oath?

Also the camel-goose might fling his neck about the villain, and strangle him.

He said to himself that he would be able to strangle the Rougons alone if he could ever get them into a corner.

Seeing how difficult he proved to strangle, they must have cursed that amulet of his.

A sudden thought seemed to strangle her, and she called no more.

“He tried to strangle me, then he intended to shoot me,” she said hysterically.

He killed a cat, attempted to strangle his brother, and to set fire to the house.

He must not beat her or strangle her with a bowstring or drop her into the Bosporus.

The deuce take this leather on the neck of the dog, it will strangle the old fool.

He was of the type of those who strangle serpents while yet in the cradle.