Suppress [verb]

Definition of Suppress:

restrain, hold in check

Opposite/Antonyms of Suppress:

Sentence/Example of Suppress:

Linda tried hard but she could not suppress a chuckle: "Of course you would!"

Isabel could not at once suppress the gratified note which crept of itself into her voice.

I am not only to suppress the evil, but to evoke the good elements in my nature.

This growl he could not suppress; nor did the man-animal resent it by giving him a blow on the head.

You must suppress your gratitude, and endeavour to forget my forbearance in the matter of the bracelet.

But the poet in him governed, was trying to suppress the man.

A smile which she could not suppress came to Clotilde's lips.

He did not suppress any of the details; in fact, he magnified them just a bit.

Both were quivering with the anger that prudence had urged them to suppress.

Besides, what would be easier than for an unwilling nation to suppress you?