Assist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assist:

The emperor Nicholas of Russia declared, by ukase, his purpose to assist Austria.

Still another kind of war credit bank was created on the co-operative plan to assist the middle and lower classes.

He stood swaying the umbrella-handle about, looking down at it, as if that would assist his decision.

To assist the amateur and collector in this pursuit is the object of the present little work.

An English battery came thundering down the road to take up a fresh position and assist in covering the retreat.

Accordingly the Emperor ordered him to return to assist General Verdier to capture this important town.

Gwynne looked more than hospitable as he ran down the veranda steps to assist his guests out of the high buggy.

Edward retained part of the squadron to assist the French king against the Flemings.

This blow and the strain of the retreat were too much for him, and he was unable to assist the Emperor in the campaign of 1813.

Rita's maid came in to assist her in changing for the third act, and Pyne went out of the room.