Collaboration [noun]

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The offering is that “you’re going to be working with Justin and Robin,” he says, as a direct collaboration to help your company succeed.

Democrats have watched the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and concluded that more cooperation and collaboration with other nations is needed to solve global issues, a view shared by 80 percent of those who identify themselves as Democrats.

It took an international collaboration between Martienssen’s group at Cold Spring Harbor Lab and their colleagues at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board nearly 20 years to unravel the mystery of the mantled fruit.

That’s one of the questions Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy are tackling in their latest collaboration, “Ratched.”

Drag Out the Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, works in collaboration with hundreds of drag performers in every state to “drag” their communities to the polls this fall.

What’s changed since then is the amount of data at our fingerprints, the ability and willingness to share it, and the supporting information technology that allows for unprecedented dynamic collaboration.

We’ve also created digital hubs in the majority of our markets that focus on data-driven marketing opportunities through those reseller collaborations, whether it’s online or offline.

The collaboration consisted of Thrilling curating a collection, aligned with Banana Republic’s style guidelines, from our partner stores.

Global collaborations led by agencies like the WHO and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations will play an important role in global vaccine distribution and stockpiling doses for poorer countries, Lahariya said.

The Champagne collaboration began in 2017, nearly two years before the hotel reopened.