Division [noun]

Definition of Division:

separation, disconnection

Opposite/Antonyms of Division:

Sentence/Example of Division:

The division is responsible for protecting the rights of voters.

The division plans to co-found five to six companies over the next five years and invest $5 million to $8 million in each.

This “IoT Services” division is not being sold to Nvidia as part of the deal, and will remain owned by Softbank.

Hemmerling is a former police officer and currently in charge of the criminal and community justice divisions.

Los Angeles has all-world D-lineman Aaron Donald leading what was a top-10 EPA defense last year, which will help the Rams factor into this division battle despite the hell they’ve found themselves in financially.

You might even mix in some practice on addition or division.

Ivan Hung, head of the infectious diseases division at Hong Kong University, told local broadcaster RTHK that the number of tests carried out was “still a little bit low if the population is 7 million.”

It’s a move we like, as the extra wild-card game will keep the competition among top seeds going late into the regular season and give good teams in tough divisions a chance to make a postseason run.

Amy Hong, managing director and head of market structure strategy for the global markets division, Goldman Sachs

Wieser said that while this is a new venture for Time as a publisher to enter into broadcast programming, publishers have incrementally been increasing their video divisions and their reach into broadcast for years.