Unison [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Unison:

It is desirable to have these experiments at least worked by the class in unison.

Their hands met and clasped fervently and, again in unison, they said, “Thank God!”

"We will try it again," said he, and this time led the voices all in unison.

There is not a circumstance but is in unison with the wild grandeur of the scene.

Then, in unison, both earthquake and wind died to absolute quiescence.

In unison we placed the pellets on our tongues, and hastily swallowed.

The chambers and the government had ceased to act in unison.

Let, then, the voice of their brethren elsewhere, be heard in unison with theirs.

It sounded like two voices speaking in unison, which was just what it was.

He made the train in unison with the last drawling cry of the conductor.