Concord [noun]

Definition of Concord:

unity, harmony

Synonyms of Concord:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concord:

Sentence/Example of Concord:

And out of this thicket, alas, no two people ever emerge hand in hand in concord.

Wheal Concord pumping engine, in 1827 had a similar air-pump.

Pushing on to Concord, the thousand disciplined British regulars captured and destroyed the military stores collected there.

Widows and orphans well remember the impunity given to the assassins of their loved ones in the name of "concord."

In England the news of the fighting at Lexington and Concord was received with astonishment.

How, indeed, could a lasting concord be maintained by two such disparate characters?

The tidings of Lexington and Concord had no sooner spread, than it was universally felt that the time was at last come for action.

A courier brought intelligence that Sheridan had possession of Concord Station.

He had occupied the pulpit of the church in Concord since 1872.

Every ship brought out wagons of the Concord make, chaises, and vehicles of all sorts.