Concordance [noun]

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I rode up here, wrote my letter in the sweat of the concordance and with the able-bodied help of Lloyd—and dined.

Science, mere concordance with the latest doctrine of the moment, is nothing to the artist except in so far as it serves his ends.

Sympathy derives its origin from the concordance of spiritual spheres, which emanate from subjects, 171.

You can find any portion or any verse in the Bible by just turning to this concordance.

In which Computes there are manifest disparities, and such as much divide the concordance and harmony of times.

If it was perceived that the concordance of the two effects, mechanical and chemical, is not constant?

Occasionally Marty saw her mother busy with the concordance and Bible when she had not asked her assistance about verses.

This was Alexander Cruden, the well-known, painstaking compiler of the Concordance.

The boy searched his Concordance and readily found the reference in the seventeenth chapter of Numbers.

No tree in the forest is more enduringly established in concordance with both climate and soil.