Concurrence [noun]

Definition of Concurrence:

occurring together

Synonyms of Concurrence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concurrence:


Sentence/Example of Concurrence:

Obama was very uncomfortable about going into Syria and doing anything without congressional concurrence.

Before proceeding we may notice “night” of the third line is directly connected with “stars” of the fourth line by Concurrence.

This is an instance of Inclusion as to the men, of Exclusion and Concurrence as to date of birth and death.

Whether we take this phrase as describing the object or result of founding that college, it is a case of Concurrence.

This phrase describes the locating of the college, and is therefore a relation by Concurrence.

A more vivid concurrence can scarcely be imagined, since he and Bonaparte were both born in the same year, 1769.

Concurrence finds incidents or concomitants of a fact or event, something that by accident became connected with it.

We find these figures in “Chance,”‌ which by Concurrence describes the risk they ran.

The object is to produce a concurrence or connection between the sight-image of the Person and a sound-image of his Name.

When a pupil makes his own Correlations, every concurrence he uses is a real concurrence to him, and so with his Ins.