Consonance [noun]

Definition of Consonance:

agreement, consistency

Synonyms of Consonance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consonance:

Sentence/Example of Consonance:

There may be a bit too much consonance between the events past and present that give the novel its structure.

Their liking had matured into an attachment, which might have been predicated upon their consonance of feeling and sentiment.

The consonance came of itself, and ideas were born of the rhymes.

He chooses the work that is in consonance with his mode of life, and gives him leisure and strength to do his duty to God and man.

With the changes in the rhythm of the dance, and the gestures that vary in consonance, the echo within sings to a new tune.

Moreover, this order of succession is also in greater consonance with the general laws underlying social changes of this sort.

Nor may I speculate on how well or wisely we ate and drank when gormandism was again in consonance with law-abiding citizenship.

I am happy to say that my orders are again in consonance with my inclination.

It could but be in consonance with what I have already said.

The consonance of this attitude with some primary teachings of religion is apparent.