Congruity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Congruity:

Scott knew little of Homer, but coincided in the Nestorian humour by mere congruity of genius.

There was a fitness of congruity in putting the head of the old, thrifty economist, on the one cent stamp.

It was a spot which returned upon the memory of those who loved it with an aspect of peculiar and kindly congruity.

It does, however, approximate congruity with these objects as nearly as possible.

The object of thinking is to introduce congruity between the two.

The authenticity of the second Testament depends upon its congruity with the first.

Here there is that cunning display of congruity between the old dog and the Doctor which the wit is so adroit in evolving.

The entire social and domestic system of American communities calls loudly for the reform of simplicity and congruity.

The world-wide tale of swallowing and disgorging the children was attracted to his too notorious name ‘by grace of congruity.’

The physical constitution of animals is, then, to be regarded as in the nicest congruity and adaptation to the external world.