Harmonious [adjective]

Definition of Harmonious:

agreeable, corresponding; friendly

Opposite/Antonyms of Harmonious:

Sentence/Example of Harmonious:

And what is wanting in such is principally the rectification of their views: their endeavours are harmonious and consistent.

Built of red sandstone, rich with sculptures and of graceful and harmonious architecture, there are few cathedrals more pleasing.

There were at least a dozen churches, and their far-away bells sounded sweetly harmonious in so many different keys.

Its discordant clashes sweep upward in one harmonious tone that blends with the music of other worlds—to complete God's orchestra.

He had never imagined wild flowers by the billion, nor such a harmonious variety of color.

A harmonious emotional development during childhood is one of the most important factors influencing human behaviour.

As we sat there, we heard noises, not very harmonious, interrupting the song of the salmon-fishers.

The fruit of their joint endeavors testifies to a harmonious, conscientious, and mutually respecting partnership.

Beauty is not revealed by harmonious outlines that appeal to the senses, but is truth; it is divinity.

Mats made entirely of any of the other colors would hardly be harmonious on a floor or wall, if there were any other furnishings.