Vibrant [adjective]

Definition of Vibrant:

alive, colorful

Synonyms of Vibrant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vibrant:

Sentence/Example of Vibrant:

There followed a period of silence, in which great emotions were vibrant from heart to heart.

Now the air was vibrant with the voice of the multitude itself, raised in anger.

His voice was vibrant with a deep earnestness that made him as solemn as a priest.

It was the spontaneous laugh of youth, vibrant, compelling, mirth-inspiring.

She was so young, so vibrant with 306 life, so quick with her smiles and laughter––this other.

His pleading touched a vibrant spot in her, but she was resolved.

The voice of the mulatto is at once sweet, vibrant and melancholy.

There it was again, that vibrant, caressing note in his voice.

Then she spoke and her voice was vibrant with passion, all indifference gone from it.

The camp was alive, ahum, vibrant with fierce, dynamic energy.