Idle [adjective]

Definition of Idle:

worthless, ineffective

Synonyms of Idle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idle:

Sentence/Example of Idle:

In fact, it's getting so bad that a number of OEMs, including Ford and General Motors, have had to go as far as idling shifts and even entire factories.

Virginia officials said they are temporarily pausing deactivation of idle E-ZPass accounts amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They have been both overstretched in some departments, and rendered idle in others, and although in some cases they have seen increases in patient volume due to coronavirus outbreaks, they have by and large suffered significant financial losses.

Officials hope that makeshift system will free up ambulances now sitting idle outside hospitals because their patients can’t be admitted.

A rare exception came early in the pandemic in March, when an apparel returns warehouse was idled by order of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear after an outbreak there.

No one has a factory sitting idle able to make 1 or 2 billion doses a year.

It's an idle question, I know; wise men and musty philosophers say that regrets are foolish.

He worketh under correction, and seeketh to rest: let his hands be idle, and he seeketh liberty.

There was a deep silence throughout the whole bivouac; some were sleeping, and those who watched were in no humour for idle chat.

While the fortress was undermining at home, they were not idle, who were preparing to storm it from abroad.