Unsuccessful [adjective]

Definition of Unsuccessful:


Synonyms of Unsuccessful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsuccessful:

Sentence/Example of Unsuccessful:

She had, indeed, had several, but their suits were all unsuccessful.

A little later the two men returned, unsuccessful in their quest.

I think Rivers was not justified in what he did because he was unsuccessful, that is all.

Stanton said to me that he believes in Hooker, (p. 218) even if Hooker be unsuccessful.

An attempt to use the British cavalry was unsuccessful on March 12.

Two counterattacks which the Germans made were unsuccessful.

The venture was unsuccessful, and the husband soon disappeared.

As if Barry Elder would be unsuccessful with any woman that he wanted!

But here, too, he had been unsuccessful; she complained that her tenants did not pay her.

That quest, however, was unsuccessful, for his wife was already in the garden.