Effectual [adjective]

Definition of Effectual:

influential; authoritative

Synonyms of Effectual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Effectual:

Sentence/Example of Effectual:

The purpose of these larger windows is the effectual lighting of the Boardroom, which is of the height of two storeys.

Each one of them is called by His authoritative command, as well as by the effectual influences of his Spirit.

Was it that circumstances no longer called for as stern and as effectual remedies as before?

But in the day of effectual calling, a complete change is produced upon the moral tendencies of the soul.

The prayer, though short, was effectual; for both went back to their play with happy faces, and they had no more trouble that day.

He expressed a hope that, when they should meet again, they would make effectual provision for the public safety.

Measures, and effectual measures, are taken to suppress these disorders, and every street is filled with horse and foot.

The first step of this division was to march upon Hyderabad, which was captured without any effectual resistance.

Rest of the animal is absolutely essential while the disease continues, and is itself an effectual remedy in mild cases.

It is only in the retrospect that we have been able to grasp something of the effectual case against us.