Efficient [adjective]

Definition of Efficient:

adept, effective

Opposite/Antonyms of Efficient:

Sentence/Example of Efficient:

Integrates into tools like HubSpot and Salesforce to make post-event followups more efficient.

Despite our reliance on electronic storage, we still need efficient and secure cabinets to store our important personal papers.

Not because it competes with Snowflake, but because it's utilizing a new online bidding process that's designed to find the most efficient IPO price.

Under the most efficient GOP gerrymander, there are likely 13 safe Republican seats, with the Democrats packed into one Pittsburgh seat and four in and around Philadelphia.

This will likely take some work and is certainly not the most efficient way to do business for Google, but it is arguably the best way to do business.

For larger sites, making crawling more efficient can be helpful to hosting budgets.

Patients with a tendency toward obesity have particularly efficient bacteria.

The most efficient way to grow your backlink profile is to borrow backlink ideas from your search competitors.

While pre-pandemic studies found remote workers were just as efficient as those in offices, there were questions about how employees would perform under compulsory lockdowns.

The Dolphins had the worst pass D by EPA last season, and Newton was efficient when called upon, but mainly they ran and ran.