Tough [adjective]

Definition of Tough:

sturdy, strong

Synonyms of Tough:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tough:

Sentence/Example of Tough:

He was tough, but the ranch horses of John Merchant came out from a night of rest.

If the mushrooms are found to be tough, the skin should be peeled off.

Even when they did pick out novels, they were just as tough as the history books.

This game's too tough fer me—I'll ship me plugs to Gravesend.

There he met two other tough ones like himself,—Duroc and Junot.

The ankle was small and curved like an axe handle and looked as tough.

That same world is a tough wrestler, and has a bear's gripe.

All other pieces are, for this purpose, comparatively hard and tough.

All other parts are for this purpose comparatively hard and tough.

If a goose is old it is useless to cook it, as when hard and tough it cannot be eaten.