Flinty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flinty:

Louis had no sooner reached the window, than he would have thrown himself from the flinty butments upon the top of the precipice.

At some point near the base, when the flinty stone was speeding forward like a meteor, it abraded a harder portion than before.

He swung along with a swaying motion, and his claws, striking the flinty rocks as he passed over them, rattled like iron nails.

When Hank threw down the last expiring match, he caught a glimpse of something white on the flinty floor.

He was sitting on the flinty floor, with his back against the side of the cavern and his legs thrust out in front of him.

They were near the mouth of the cell which had been Prior Cyprian's flinty dormitory, and were almost involved in darkness.

The vessel in the meantime grounded on a flinty bottom, at a short distance from the advanced jetty.

Now we will look at a shell-builder, the Whelk, who uses his flinty tongue in quite another fashion.

A grindstone with one side harder than the other can have its flinty side softened by immersing that part in boiled linseed oil.

And faster still, until your feet dash fire from the flinty stones and your nostrils fleck your breasts with foam.