Decorum [noun]

Definition of Decorum:

appropriate behavior, good manners

Opposite/Antonyms of Decorum:

Sentence/Example of Decorum:

This season has been a drag for the Mavericks, and it has taken a toll on Doncic’s mood, body language and decorum with the referees.

It’s a kind of quasi-trouble that tests patience and decorum without doing any real damage, and music remains an excellent way to make some.

His present repose and decorum contrasted strangely with the fanciful display at his first introduction.

Different parties of dogs were introduced to each other with an appearance of the greatest decorum.

By the laws of decorum, for instance, old men should be querulous and young boys given to sudden anger.

But he could not transfer to his pictures a decorum and a common sense that had no place in his mind.

Had he pleaded ill-health, he might have done so with decorum.

Duty and decorum are things too icy for the "ardour of her soul."

The mistake is made of confusing breaches of conventional decorum with essential depravity.

France was saved because the French people never faltered in their belief that dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.