Convention [noun]

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It is beyond the comprehension of any man not blinded by superstition, not warped by prejudice and old-time convention.

The French convention decreed that no quarters be given to British and Hanoverian soldiers.

The armed Parisians again assembled with cannon around the convention, and demanded the arrest of the Brissotine party.

A convention of delegates to revise the constitution of New York met at Albany.

Madame Roland, in the name of her husband, drew up for the Convention the plan of a republic as a substitute for the throne.

There were one hundred and thirty-one delegates present at this convention, representing sixty-six counties and corporations.

It was at this convention that a written treatise on American rights was prepared for the convention by Thomas Jefferson.

She was summoned to present herself before the Convention, to confront her accuser, and defend herself from the scaffold.

Upon the spot the president proposed that the marked respect of the Convention be conferred upon Madame Roland.

It was the month of January, 1793, when the imprisoned monarch was brought into the hall of the Convention for his trial.