Confab [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Confab:

The second grammar class had been relieved from a recitation by this confab, and somehow Perry had a subduing influence.

Some confab followed, and I overheard enough to tell me that a scouting party had come in, bringing a prisoner.

Mr. Cardross joined us, divining the subject of our furtive confab in the patio, and he seemed to think that you ought to come.

He and Yuma had spent hours in close confab in the kitchen, and Yuma had expressed his feelings, confidentially, to Gimlet.

From this I turned to listen to a very domestic confab between a Judy and her mate.

I went on board the Madagascar in the evening, and enjoyed a pleasant confab with the officers.

Then there was more consultation between the opposition, and another confab with Dennis, with more headshakes on his part.

Mrs. Hare rose from her seat to hold a confab at the door with the maid; and Mr. Carlyle seized his opportunity.

Mr. Arranstoun peeped, too—and saw a spare, elderly American of grim appearance in anxious confab with Alexander Armstrong.

Again and again, coming unexpectedly upon them, he noticed that their confab ceased with his appearance.