Chat [noun]

Definition of Chat:

talk, often short

Synonyms of Chat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chat:

Sentence/Example of Chat:

Potential customers can chat with these bots over SMS or messaging apps, and their AI will use its growing understanding of what it knows about your business to respond.

It goes some way to explaining why pay gap data from the big agency networks haven’t been readily available and why many diversity initiatives haven’t gone past fireside chats, safe rooms and all-hands meetings.

On Games, which also sit in the chat section of the app, users are rewarded for watching ads, with extra weapons, for example.

With curated meetings on CrunchMatch and randomized virtual meetings and chat functionality on Hopin you will not run out of opportunities to promote your business and meet your networking goals.

We’re excited to chat with this illustrious panel of experts about the evolution of esports, what sets FaZe Clan apart, and what entrepreneurs can learn from the viral growth of the organization over the years.

Attendees can also convene small groups and hang out via video chat during programming sessions.

Perhaps the most noteworthy departure from the original iteration of Facebook is the chat function.

Have the partnership that can solve challenges with a phone call, an email, a Teams chat or a working session, not an 18-person conference call with a 90-page deck.

When they chat around the fire later, there’s a slight undercurrent of romance.

The initial launch of Lo-Fi Player also includes an interactive YouTube livestream, where users can type commands into the chat window to change the music.