Converse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Converse:

She speaks of cooking and mothering and her beloved Converse sneakers.

These aren’t just self-help or how-to guides about launching your startup for the umpteenth time or networking with someone you really have no interest in conversing with ever again.

They just happen to be voicing their support — and conversing with the rest of the community — online.

Each wedding professional has a system for converting the client from Instagram to a live conversation, but not until they feel a valid relationship after conversing online.

She was alert, conversing with her children and even eating a little food.

When a man converses with himself, he is sure that he does not converse with an enemy.

The children of sinners become children of abominations, and they that converse near the houses of the ungodly.

There he was found by old Makitok, and for some time the giant and the wizard held converse together.

You see it for yourself, no Englishman ever shall suspect me, when we shall converse, of being other than a Briton.

But surely this point of view is the very converse of the teachings of common sense.