Same [adjective]

Definition of Same:

alike, identical

Opposite/Antonyms of Same:

Sentence/Example of Same:

"And that would be all the same as telling Alcibiades himself," rejoined Milza.

Dad and the mater both say the same now—they're more severe than I was.

Might not the same history be told of much that is believed?

And still, dearest Philothea, your heart speaks the same language.

It expresses the same transparent innocence, the same mild love.

Cleonica, attended by Geta and Milza, travelled under the same protection.

This and other extracts from the same poet are translated by Thomas Moore, Esq.

The Graces were often worshipped in the same temple with the Muses.

"You're carryin' on the same way yourself," ventured his mother.

"I'd rather keep it, if it's the same to you," said Paul, in alarm.