Equivalent [adjective]

Definition of Equivalent:

same, similar

Opposite/Antonyms of Equivalent:

Sentence/Example of Equivalent:

What was once seen as the neurological equivalent of annoying television static may have profound implications for how scientists study the brain.

The hours he worked add up to the equivalent of more than six 40-hour workweeks.

Amtrak is giving a bonus, the equivalent of two hours of pay, to those who get vaccinated, the company said.

Just 24 hours after Moore started walking, he had raised the equivalent of $8,750.

It’s still 85% effective in preventing severe symptoms, meaning people who get the J&J shot and later contract the virus could suffer the equivalent of a bad cold, rather than maybe needing to go to the hospital, or worse.

General manager Julien BriseBois had the equivalent of just a little more than one personalized Lightning jersey in money left over.

The recently released 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines from the Agriculture Department remind Americans that they should consume less than 2,300 milligrams of salt a day — equivalent to about a teaspoon.

The IHME model’s results would be averaged and weighed mathematically with the outputs of dozens of other epidemiological models, each with its own shortcomings, to achieve the modeling equivalent of the “wisdom of the crowd.”

What the Internet has done, among other things, is make it easy to hear from small groups of people and, at times, to elevate the voices of those small groups until they are equivalent with far larger ones.

“It simply went up, up, up, and up, into the equivalent of an Everest,” Karim says.