Convertible [adjective]

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Sherringham almost feared to dwell on this, lest it should beget in him a rage convertible mainly into caring for her more.

Joy was off in the direction of the garage and in no time at all she was back in my Cadillac convertible.

It is very similar in taste, and throws up an equally fluid cream, which is not convertible into butter.

The honest transcripts in the club book clear away a great deal of that unknown which is so convertible into the magnificent.

What made matters worse, the sailors were more than half-mutinous, being paid with tickets not readily convertible into cash.

D and t being convertible, the names of the river and city evidently spring from one root.

China is a student's paradise where the possession of learning is instantly convertible into unlimited pelf.

Thus his friendship and his enmity will be alike unreal, and easily convertible, if the change will serve his interest.

They are often loosely used as almost convertible expressions.

The dynamical theory asserts, that, as they are both modes of motion, they must be mutually and easily convertible.