Equal [adjective]

Definition of Equal:


Opposite/Antonyms of Equal:

Sentence/Example of Equal:

The small realtor in Billings, MT, paying Google pennies is part of the advertising ecosystem, and has equal data access rights as the billion dollar travel entity.

Under WTO regulations, members must treat each other as equals.

The virtual nature of Disrupt 2020 equals a global scope — and our biggest Disrupt ever.

Using all the players that show up, they want to create exactly two teams of equal size.

You cannot fully believe both that all the races are equal and that your favorite race is superior.

Their choices might not only impact their returns but also help create a more equal future for everyone.

This doesn’t mean all critiques of Section 230 are created equal.

Deviation from that “symmetry” equals the level of partisan bias.

For you to equal those original two shares your friend had, you would have to buy eight shares of Apple instead of two.

Everything else being equal, a battery with a higher watt-hour capacity gets better range.