Divergent [adjective]

Definition of Divergent:


Opposite/Antonyms of Divergent:

Sentence/Example of Divergent:

Those two divergent developments — his two-pick, 12-of-27 performance against Northwestern in the Big Ten championship game and Friday night’s masterpiece — were related.

Your thoughts can be absolutely right on, but your practices can be completely divergent.

Over time, increasingly complex regulatory issues and divergent ideologies will create either separate platforms, or platforms that ostensibly have the same name but deliver fundamentally different user experiences in different geographies.

Tensions between Washington and Idaho over their divergent responses to the pandemic escalated in October.

The three sectors often had wildly divergent reasons for engaging.

We shall have here two divergent lines of approach within parallel fields.

This doctrine has been followed, and is still followed, by the majority of men; it is the source of divergent beliefs and acts.

Opinions as to the wisdom of giving such manuals to penitents are certainly very divergent.

The divergent interests of the farming, free trade West and of the manufacturing, protectionist East made for friction.

The two creeds represent two absolutely divergent sections of humanity.