Standard [adjective]

Definition of Standard:

regular, approved

Synonyms of Standard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Standard:

Sentence/Example of Standard:

At least they will be my standard of conduct in the path before me.

When one looked at him one felt that he was a standard by which other animals should be measured.

He measured your blindness and weakness by the standard of His own knowledge and almightiness.

You might say that a standard of morals is entirely a matter of opinion.

The only standard by which the majority of us appraise our work is man's.

Nine bodies of the enemy were left on the ground, and a standard was captured.

They rescued the people from barbarism, and uplifted the standard of the cross.

"He creates his own standard, you see," she replied, with a slight sigh.

In so far as they are disagreeable, they depart from the standard.

Know, friend, that I have come from Monmouth in order to conduct these men to his standard.