Official [adjective]

Definition of Official:

authorized, legitimate

Opposite/Antonyms of Official:

Sentence/Example of Official:

The purchase of official positions in the army was thus abolished.

In all history there is no parallel case, and no official record such as his.

The declaration, simple as it was, aroused the official to new indignation.

It was Demarest who gave an official touch to the tragedy of the moment.

They had small place in his concerns as an official of police.

The official's voice was charged with threatening as he went on.

What is to be said about the official who inflicts the death-penalty on criminals?

That will give it a sort of official, medical-bulletin look.

The latter, with little hesitation, allowed him to delve into official secrets.

The Zeppelin, for instance, costs more than $100,000 (these are official figures).