Dishonest [adjective]

Definition of Dishonest:

lying, untruthful

Opposite/Antonyms of Dishonest:

Sentence/Example of Dishonest:

He portrays the administration as ignornant, incompetent, dishonest and more concerned with public relations spin than saving lives.

The retraction in June of two papers on covid-19 in the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, after researchers put too much trust in a dishonest collaborator, is an example of what happens when epistemic dependence is mishandled.

I’ve also heard about another group of people who were out in full force—dishonest people trying to trick or steal money that everyday people work so hard to earn.

The letter informing her of her July 2019 decertification said she had been dishonest about the incident involving the vehicle, she said.

Additionally, we reserve the right to ban polls sponsored by a particular organization that consistently engages in dishonest or nontransparent behavior that goes beyond editorializing and political spin.

All the miserable stratagems they had been guilty of to win him; the dishonest plotting and planning.

The door should not be left open, as dishonest persons, passing along the entry, could enter without fear of being questioned.

The Ministers found that, on this occasion, neither their honest nor their dishonest supporters could be trusted.

Thus, to import insanity or incompetency to a professional man, or that a public official is dishonest and corrupt is actionable.

An honest man, with all his modesty, cannot prevent people saying of him what a dishonest man says of himself.