Underhanded [adjective]

Definition of Underhanded:


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Sentence/Example of Underhanded:

How in the world did they get here, and what underhanded work are they up to now?

Literally to draw away from under, or in an underhanded way, as by stealth.

He had an innate dislike to the man, who looked furtive and underhanded.

You want to drive us out, do you, you sneakin' underhanded hound!

Ef this ez any underhanded work of yours, you'll pay for it.

"There was nothing mean nor underhanded about it," he retorted.

He was never indebted to unfair and underhanded measures for his success.

Of all the dirty, underhanded tricks I ever heard of, that is the limit.

Ritter is just the fellow to play us some underhanded trick.

We must show him that we don't propose to stand for any of his underhanded methods.