Honest [adjective]

Definition of Honest:

truthful, candid

Opposite/Antonyms of Honest:

Sentence/Example of Honest:

Well, that’s the contract we have with each other, that people will be honest with you.

Really, if I’m really honest with you, the main reason I didn’t want the job, the main reason I tried to quit, is because the pressure was super, super intense.

When I hear you say that, if I’m 100% honest, that sounds like talking points.

New personalities entering the crypto world—from Paul Tudor Jones to William Shatner to Olympian Christie Rampone—are helping initiate an honest conversation about whether our financial systems are helping or hurting us all.

Because it’s time for the brands to build honest and transparent relationships with consumers, which is going to lead to stronger trust in advertising.

Whatever guests choose to do, Post says the most important thing guests need to remember is to be honest.

For one thing, players haven’t always been honest about their height.

The invitation-only program allows verified customers to deliver honest and thorough feedback.

So we have to start being honest about what’s happening, where the market does not care about unemployed cashiers or truck drivers or fast-food workers.

I’ll be honest, as a layperson it’s really hard to know what “works.”