Authentic [adjective]

Definition of Authentic:

real, genuine

Synonyms of Authentic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authentic:

Sentence/Example of Authentic:

A judicial record was made of all of this matter, and authentic papers with the arguments of each party.

My relations with the line by no means ended with the inquiry, and more about it will later on appear in this authentic history.

Excitement was at fever heat, and anxious hearts awaited authentic news.

If this ending of the anecdote is not authentic, I feel quite sure that none but a Scotchman could have invented it.

We are left, however, for the most part, without authentic record of the tragic scenes of Christian martyrdom.

So far as can be positively ascertained, all the authentic relics of man belong to the Glacial Age.

Intense, careful research has made this restoration authentic and appealing to the American public.

It is probable that these types were derived from authentic tradition if not from actual portraits.

I write no news, 1st because there are none authentic, and 2dly because you will see dear MacFoster to-morrow.

The oldest religion of which we have clear and authentic account is probably the pure monotheism held by the Jews.