Unreal [adjective]

Definition of Unreal:

fake, make-believe; hypothetical

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreal:

Sentence/Example of Unreal:

The garden lay before her, unreal in the beauty of moonlight.

Pale and unreal in the moonlight, the river floated them away.

And when he saw her face, the unreal feeling did not go away.

And once there came to him a vision which beyond all doubt was unreal.

There was an unreal dreamlike quality about the happening to the girl.

But she felt their whole journey from London had been unreal.

The man was incredible, unreal, fantastic, a nightmare judge.

A sick sense of the unreal held them as they gazed, frozen with horror.

At night the lakes are a strange, unreal world of silver lights and shadows.

He looked through a haze, and what he saw was distorted, unreal, terrible.