Delusive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Delusive:

Is it possible to imagine anything more inconsistent and self-delusive than these ravings of our friend?

Not long after this incident a delusive hope was held out to me that I might be able to return to civilisation.

A delusive appearance of novelty is one of the most dangerous weapons of Cupid.

Mr. Jevons speaks of Agamemnon's "confidence in the delusive dream" as at variance with his proceedings, and would excise II.

They prophesied falsely, led the people away and awakened the delusive hope of an early return from the captivity.

For an entire week the delusive cries seemed to return at the self-same hour.

She now took the occasion of a momentary and delusive amelioration in Arthur's disease to write to him more at length.

She had not the courage to tell him the money was lost; she did not like to raise delusive hopes by saying that it might be saved.

That evening was the last gleam of the delusive well-being in which Madame de la Baudraye had lived since coming to Paris.

I can bear up against the unbroken gloom of my future; I could not endure the changeful light of a delusive hope.'