Deceiving [verb]

Definition of Deceiving:

mislead; be dishonest

Synonyms of Deceiving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceiving:

Sentence/Example of Deceiving:

The task of deceiving the Austrians was performed to perfection by Murat with the reserve cavalry and Lannes's corps.

For, in a confidential letter to Heinsius, whom he could have no motive for deceiving, he intimated his intention very clearly.

She had treated me like a school-boy, she had used in deceiving me a trick which was insultingly simple.

Indeed he would have found more difficulty in deceiving others had he not begun by deceiving himself.

Learning to sing "It's a long, long way to Tipperary" for the purpose of deceiving the Allies.

I am continuually deceiving myself into the belief that I am succeeding—and I am continually deceiving Corydon in the same way.

He would not defend the deceiving priest; but no unruly men-at-arms should touch a hair of Sebastian, if he also was menaced.

"I'm sure we had no thought of deceiving you," responded Harry with one of his engaging smiles.

Averill crossed the stream, driving back the Rebels, and by his movement deceiving the enemy.

Yet there were probably two inches of wool under that deceiving surface in some places.