Burn [verb]

Definition of Burn:

be on fire; set on fire

Synonyms of Burn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burn:

Sentence/Example of Burn:

Fuel spilled by a tanker burns in the Cuyahoga River on August 25th.

There are just so many reasons not to pick up the drip torch and start a prescribed burn even though it’s the safe, smart thing to do.

Burn bosses in California can more easily be held liable than their peers in some other states if the wind comes up and their burn goes awry.

California, of course, uses aircraft—it has both its own fleet and can employ contractors—to mount full-court presses on fires, but the practice is certainly not limited to combating burns in the Golden State.

The battery, she alleged, exploded and left her with severe burns.

Using the fire extinguisher now may stop you from getting burned more, but it won’t heal the burns you already have.

Truth is a torch, but one of enormous size; so that we slink past it in rather a blinking fashion for fear it should burn us.

On the thirteenth of the same month they bound to the stake, in order to burn alive, a man who had two religious in his house.

He couldn't sell them; he couldn't burn them; he was even compelled to insure them, to his intense disgust.

They used to declare that every unbaptised baby would go to Hell and burn for ever in fire and brimstone.