Flash [noun]

Definition of Flash:

shimmer, flicker

Synonyms of Flash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flash:

Sentence/Example of Flash:

In one 2009 experiment, college students studied vocabulary words with flash cards.

The darkening outlook of banks is laid bare by disclosures on so-called criticized loans, which are flashing warning signals about a borrower’s ability to pay.

Plus its flash technology allows upgrades to future software versions so you won’t have to continually invest in new calculators.

Disrupt 2020 Labor Day flash sale — Starting today, you can save $100 off the price of a Disrupt Digital Pro Pass.

When I briefly regained consciousness, it was to flashing police and ambulance lights and what felt like an entire roll of paper towels pressed on my face.

Neither is older than 23, but both already have a flashing green light to be aggressive with the ball and are stone solid guardrails for one of the NBA’s sturdiest defenses.

Most lights have several settings, ranging from solid to flashing to pulsing, often at various speeds.

The most sophisticated systems can likely even pick up on the micro-expressions that flash across our faces before we consciously have a chance to control them, as detailed by Daniel Goleman in his groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence.

That flash of heat caused carbon atoms to rearrange themselves into layers of graphene.

The flashes of light in these auroras are caused by ripples in Earth’s magnetosphere.